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We have been looking after businesses and households for over 40 years.

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Our Electricians can tackle all projects, and provide advice on further improvements.


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All commercial, industrial and residential services available.

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Hot water Systems, TV Aerials, Telephone & Data Installations.

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From light switches to full commercial fit outs – we have you covered.




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Electricians in Armidale

“Thanks guys, your quick response and expertise had my hot water back on in no time!”

Damien Sutton

The best elecrician in Armdale, NSW

“Great job , only rang this morning as stove not working , fixed same day, how’s that for service, thanks”

Chris Windred

Armidale Electrician Service

“Refreshing dealing with good electricians..thanks for the prompt service.”

Steve Collins

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As your local electrician, we offer honest and reliable electrical work, promising to get your electrical needs done quickly and on time!

Welcome to the Best Electricians in the Armidale Area


Are you currently building a new home?

It is impossible to ignore the electrical work while there are numerous components of your house that need to be finished. For instance, it is nearly impossible to live without access to electricity. Unfortunately, running your own wiring is not an option. Thankfully, you no longer need to take on this responsibility! We are the most professional electrician in the New England area, and we’re capable of helping you in the most cost-effective way possible.


We’re Based in Armidale, NSW.


First of all, it is important to choose an electrician that is locally based. While an outside electrician might be able to get the job done, they will not sincerely care about you, your business, your home and your family like we will! Our reputation relies on a great service. We are locally based, and we are staffed by professionals, most of who grew up in Armidale and surrounding areas. Similarly, as a part of the community, we feel it is our duty to treat our customers like family. When working with us, you can guarantee that we’ll go above and beyond to put a smile on your face!


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Furthermore, we are a licensed electrician, and we know how to get the job done as quickly and conveniently as possible. Within the State of New South Wales, all electrical contractors must obtain a licence from the state government.  To ensure our license remains in good standing, we go above and beyond to obey all laws and regulations presiding over electricians in New South Wales. Our license has never been put in jeopardy, so you can guarantee that we’re always reliable.


Need a versatile Electrician in Armidale, NSW


Wherever you live in the New England region, you seriously need to work with us. We are able to get the job done no matter how difficult it is. We offer a comprehensive array of services to ensure we can accommodate residential, commercial, and even industrial clients’ needs. Whether you run a shop, manage a factory, or own a home, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to depend on us! We’ll be able to help rectify your existing electrical problem quickly and cost effectively.

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Need an Electrician for a Large Appliance Hookup


Whether you run a store or own a home, there is a possibility that you’ll be required to install a large appliance at some point or another. It could be a new air conditioning unit, water heater, or a washer. These appliances often have special electrical needs. They need unique plugins, and some will even need their very own breaker box. This is where we enter the picture. We are the most skilled electrical contractor, and we’ll be able to help you solve this problem.

We’re capable of hooking up the power to your new appliance, and we’ll do so at a bargain price!


Cost-Effective Electrical Solutions


Our company is happy to provide the most cost-effective electrical solutions in all of Armidale. Moreover, aim to keep our prices reasonable while maintaining complete transparency. In order to ensure that this happens, our company offers free quotes on all of our services. Coupled with our free quotes, the client will know precisely what they’ll pay ahead of time. Rest assured, knowing that our team will never and can never increase the price. The quote you’re given initially is the price you will pay after the project has been completed, too.

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Why We’re The Best Electricians


All consumers need access to a good electrician. In addition, business owners need to familiarize themselves with their local electricians. The good news is that you’ve found us. We are truly the most skilled and reliable electrical contractor, and we’ll be able to help you solve your problem as quickly as conveniently as possible. What are the benefits of working with us?

We are:

  • locally based and sincerely care about providing you with maximum satisfaction.
  • licensed and insured. We’ll help you get the job done while virtually eliminating the risks involved.
  • more than capable of meeting all clients’ needs, including residential, commercial, and industrial.
  • experts at troubleshooting electrical problems. We’ll diagnose and fix the problem quicker than anyone else in the area.
  • suppliers of Generator sets, Surge protection or Earth Leakage Device.

All of our electricians have extensive training, and they can get the job done right.


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    All electrical works are insured and carried out only by licenced electricians.

    Are you sick and tired of your outlet not working? Have you just experienced a power surge and are worried about your computer and other electronics become damaged? If you answered yes to one of these questions or experienced another type of electric problem, it is truly time to call us. When you ready to ask a question or schedule an appointment, you should pick up the phone and reach out to us immediately.


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